See Your Data

Specializing in data visualization education, our professional workshops and educational series are tailored to help you engage with your data in approachable, exciting, and meaningful ways using Tableau Software.

Data Visualization Education and Consulting

Whether you’re looking for a hands-on bootcamp or a consultant with Tableau expertise, we’re ready to help you explore the surprisingly beautiful and incredibly powerful world of visual data analysis.

Host a Tableau Workshop

Is your team ready to learn Tableau? Our hands-on, in-person trainings will launch your team’s skill set and introduce data visualization best practices that set everyone up to get the most our of this powerful tool.

Join a Public Workshop

In addition to privately hosted workshops, Data Dozen makes several workshops open to the public. Whether you want to incorporate Tableau into an upcoming project, better understand the data your business collects, or just expand your professional skill set, we’ve got you covered. Save your seat today for a workshop near you!

Start the Conversation

Whether you want to jump-start your Tableau skillset, elevate a current project with an expert consultant, or provide training for your whole team, we're excited to connect.


To help democratize quantitative knowledge by creating educational resources and experiences that make data visualization–and by extension, data itself–approachable, exciting, and meaningful.


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