Dashboard 3: A Minimalistic Approach to Treemaps

Hi everybody! Ready to build a beautifully simple and addictively engaging dashboard? Dashboard 3 breaks all of those 20th century U.S. social security cards out by the 32,600 unique names in this data set. Tableau scales each name’s rectangle by how many times it occurred, starting with the most popular names in the upper-left corner all the way down to that sea of uncommon names in the bottom-right corner. We’ll also tackle your first calculated field to create a nifty alphabet filter at the top. Click on a letter and our treemap narrows down to just names that start with that letter. Here we go!

  • Treemaps
  • Percent of total table calculation
  • Calculated field
  • Function called left
  • Filter dashboard action
  • Minimalistic dashboard design

Dashboards 1 through 5 all use the same data. It’s a super simple data set (seriously, it’s just four variables) and it’s all about first names from U.S. social security cards in the 20th century. Click here to download the data and create your own dashboard along with the videos. This is the best way to build up those Tableau skills! If you haven’t used this data before, check out Dashboard 1: Step 1 for a quick overview of the data and instructions on how to connect it to Tableau Public. Thanks to Data.gov for making data like this public!


Thanks so much for building Dashboard 3 with me! I’d love to see what you’ve built. Just add your Tableau Public link in the comments below. And what are your thoughts about Dashboard 3? I’d love to add your ideas to future videos. Share below!