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Our Tableau training workshops are hands-on bootcamps that teach attendees how to turn their data into accessible and actionable information. Whether you’re a large organization, higher education institution, or small team, we’re ready to help you get the most out of your data.

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Learn Tableau

Using an accessible data set and hands on examples, our workshops lead attendees through building interactive dashboards that combine data and logic with storytelling and design. We’ll leverage Tableau Public, which is available free of charge.

Choose the Right Chart

Choose the Right Chart

Form follows function when it comes to good data visualization. Learn which charts work best for which types of data.

Build Interactive Dashboards

Build Interactive Dashboards

With Tableau's interactive filters, pop-up tooltips, and powerful dashboard actions, everything we build will have dynamic output.

Expedite Analysis

Expedite Analysis

Data visualization does more than just display data. It helps you explore data. Expedite each phase of your analysis with Tableau.

Structure Data

Structure Data

From pivoting data to joining tables, we'll dive into the steps behind structuring Tableau-ready data sets.

Communicate Findings

Communicate Findings

Whether you're ready to share your work with your team or with the world, we'll design beautiful layouts that are ready to ship.

Boost Marketability

Boost Marketability

As demand for data analytics continues to skyrocket, the ability to visualize data with Tableau will boost your marketability in any sector.

Hosting a Workshop is Easy

When you host a Data Dozen workshop, we’ll do all the heavy lifting when it comes to preparation. We’ll tailor the workshop to your team’s goals, and take care of everything from designing flyers for advertising to providing downloading instructions for Tableau Public. You just have to do three things:


Pick a Date

Let us know when would be the best time for your team to dive into Tableau training.


Reserve a Space

Reserve a space with plenty of table space for attendee laptops and a good projector (HDMI or VGA connector).


Spread the Word

Send your community our flyer letting them know a Data Dozen workshop is on its way.

What Attendees Say

Attendees love Data Dozen workshops, consistently rating them exceptional training experiences. Explore our survey data from attendee feedback below, and see for yourself what sets our workshops apart.

This dashboard is built for desktop viewing only. Click here to view the full dashboard on Tableau Public.


Workshops start at $1,700

Data Dozen’s hands-on workshops start at $1,700 plus travel and expenses. In addition to standard workshop packages, we specialize in customized training as well. We strive to create the best learning experience for your community. Whether you’re looking for a introductory bootcamp or an advanced series of workshops, we’re eager to design an offer just for you.

Our standard workshop package includes:

  • Personalized consultation about your team’s current goals
  • 3 hour, in-person Tableau data visualization workshop
  • Step-by-step written guide to accompany the content we cover
  • Complimentary 5 dashboard online course to solidify the skill set

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Whether you’re ready to book a workshop or just want to brainstorm about potential collaborations, we’re excited to hear from you! Fill out the form below or send us an email at, and we’ll be in touch soon.

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