Deepen your data visualization skill set this summer at Data Dozen.

Data Dozen is seeking a creative, talented, and responsible intern with a passion for data visualization for the summer of 2021. In this part time, fully remote position, you will work closely with founder Erin Waldron to contribute to Data Dozen’s business development and revenue growth. Your core responsibilities will be divided into two projects: creating content for a series of branded data visualization handbooks set to launch in late 2021 and expanding Data Dozen’s reach by identifying and connecting with new clients.


Let’s see if this internship is the right fit for you and your goals.


Project 1: Create Content for Data Visualization Handbooks

  • Compile research relevant to the handbook’s theme (data structuring, data communication, an anthology of chart types, etc.)
  • Develop, edit, and organize written and visual content for the handbooks
  • Learn and leverage Adobe InDesign to craft intuitive, branded layouts as downloadable PDFs (sample here)
  • Craft an enjoyable shopping and downloading experience for clients on Data Dozen’s website

Project 2: Connect with New Clients

  • Combine your original research and archived Data Dozen presentations to write and design data visualization blog posts
  • Conduct search engine optimization research with Google Trends to identify ideal blog post topics
  • Design and create corresponding pocket guides using Adobe InDesign (sample here)
  • Research and compile relevant speaking opportunities for Data Dozen in the Kansas City and academic markets


  • Current undergraduate or graduate student completing coursework relevant to data, statistics, design, and/or writing
  • Hands-on experience with at least one data visualization tool, such as Tableau (preferred), PowerBI, D3, Google Data Studio
  • Exposure to fundamental design principles and digital layout best practices; Adobe InDesign experience is ideal
  • Strong research experience, writing skills, and the ability to effectively organize large amounts of information
  • Self-starter who is able to work without supervision; some form of remote work or learning experience preferred
  • Curious, creative problem solver who is eager to learn and interested in deepening their data visualization knowledge


  • $20 an hour structured and paid as an independent contractor (1099-MISC)
  • Remote position that does not require residence in Kansas City
  • Flexible, part time schedule of 15 to 20 hours a week that is ideal for busy students
  • Firsthand insight into how a small business operates on a daily basis
  • Opportunity to shadow and participate in client meetings and presentations
  • One-on-one mentoring with a data visualization expert


  • Select three samples of your work that you feel represent your experience and skill set as they relate to this internship’s core responsibilities. Use this opportunity to demonstrate your versatility. These three selections could be from visualizations, projects, papers, digital or analog artwork, or any other portfolio work you deem relevant to this internship. 
  • Accompany each sample with a brief annotation that answers the following: what you learned from the project, where you feel the project succeeded, where you feel the project could be improved, and how the project relates to the internship’s core responsibilities. Each sample’s accompanying documentation should not exceed 500 words.
  • Email your resume, portfolio samples, and corresponding annotations to Erin Waldron for review ( All applications are due by Sunday, February 21, 2021. 


Data Dozen is a small visual analytics studio founded and run by Erin Waldron in Kansas City. The company’s mission is to help democratize quantitative knowledge by creating educational resources and experiences that make data visualization—and by extension, data itself—approachable, exciting, and meaningful. Explore the website to learn about Data Dozen’s work and clients.